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The Unattended Funeral

The Unattended Funeral

The Unattended Funeral is a funeral without a service or ceremony, otherwise known as a direct cremation. As this option doesn’t include an attended funeral service, it is perfect for those that want the minimum amount of fuss. A direct cremation also gives you the freedom to have a separate memorial service at a time and place to suit you.

In order to keep the costs low, payment will be required two days in advance.

You will still receive the same level of care and attention you’d expect from Tom Owen and Son, with your dedicated Funeral Director providing support, advice and guidance throughout.

Price £1,595

What’s included in the Unattended Funeral?

  • Meetings at your home or at our office to discuss the arrangements with your dedicated funeral director;
  • Respectful transport of the deceased person into our care from locations within a 50-mile radius of Llandudno;
  • Sensitive care of the deceased person in our funeral home in Llandudno;
  • Completion of all documents for the Cemeteries and Cremation office on your behalf;
  • A coffin suitable for cremation;
  • A suitable vehicle to the crematorium on the day of the funeral;
  • The cremation fee (we use Colwyn Bay Crematorium at 8.30am or 8.45am) and you will be notified of the time and date of the funeral service;
  • The doctors certificate fee (where applicable);
  • Collection of the ashes on your behalf within 3 days of the cremation.

This package is also available as a pre-paid funeral plan and can include a contribution towards third party costs. Please contact us for more details and for prices. Terms and conditions apply.

Prices correct as at April 2024 and may change in the future.

Unattended Funeral Tom Owen and Son

FAQ about the unattended funeral

Can I attend the funeral?
Yes, we let you know the date and time of the funeral and you are welcome to be present when we take the coffin into the Crematorium.

What crematorium do we use?

All of our unattended funerals take place at our local Colwyn Bay Crematorium.

What happens to the ashes afterwards?

As with all cremation funerals, you have a choice as to what happens with the ashes following the cremation. Often we, Tom Owen and Son, collect the ashes the following day and keep them in our safe-keeping until you are ready to keep, scatter or bury them. They can also be scattered or interred in the Crematorium grounds, amongst other options.

Is a coffin used for an unattended funeral?

Yes, we use a simple coffin for unattended funerals. The coffin is less elaborate than most people choose for a full funeral, whilst remaining dignified and of good quality.

Can we still view the person before the funeral?
Yes, you can have a private farewell prior to the funeral, there is an additional fee of £295 for this option.

How does the coffin arrive at the crematorium?
In most cases we use our private ambulance to transport the person to the crematorium.

Is it possible to personalise a direct cremation?

While the direct cremation itself is simple, you are welcome to personalise the funeral in certain ways, such as adding flowers, changing the coffin, replacing the private ambulance with the hearse, etc. beyond that a different type of funeral may be more suitable.

Can I purchase a pre-paid plan for this type of funeral?

Yes, please contact us or visit our Funeral Plan pages for more information.

Please speak to one of our Funeral Directors if you would like more information.

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If the Unattended Funeral isn't right for you, perhaps you might prefer one of our other low-cost funeral options.