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The Early Light Funeral

The Early Light Funeral

The Early Light Funeral is an attended 30 minute service in the early morning (9:00 or 9:30) at Colwyn Bay Crematorium. This is the perfect option to achieve a full funeral service, without restrictions, while taking advantage of lower costs offered due to the earlier time slots.

Price £3,154

What’s included in the Early Light Funeral?

  • Meetings at your home or at our office to discuss the arrangements with your dedicated funeral director;
  • Respectful transport of the deceased person into our care from locations within a 50-mile radius of Llandudno;
  • Sensitive care of the deceased person in our funeral home in Llandudno;
  • Completion of all documents for the Cemeteries and Cremation office on your behalf;
  • Our guidance and support throughout plus our attendance on the day;
  • An oak veneer coffin suitable for cremation;
  • The use of our hearse on the day of the funeral;
  • The cremation fee (we use Colwyn Bay Crematorium at 9.00am or 9.30am);
  • Use of the music system at the Crematorium;
  • The doctors certificate fee (where applicable);
  • A dedicated online tribute page on our website;
  • Collection of donations on your behalf;
  • Collection of the ashes on your behalf within 3 days of the cremation;
  • A scattertube containing the ashes.

This package is also available as a pre-paid funeral plan and can include a contribution towards third party costs. Please contact us for more details and for prices. Terms and conditions apply.

Prices correct as at April 2024 and may change in the future.

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Please speak to one of our Funeral Directors if you would like more information.

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If the Early Light Funeral isn't right for you, perhaps you might prefer one of our other low-cost funeral options.