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When Tom Owen and Son appeared on Coronation Street

There aren't many real-life funeral directors who can say that they have organised the on-screen funerals for Coronation Street television stars! Tom Owen and Son were incredibly lucky, during the 1990s to be booked to appear on the legendary TV soap.

Scott Owen, Tom Owen and Son Funeral Director on set of Coronation Street
Funeral director in Llandudno on the set of Coronation Street

You can read more about Scott Owen's incredible time filming the funerals for the Coronation Street characters.

What Coronation Street funerals have Tom Owen and Son appeared in?

Scott Owen appeared in the on-screen funerals for Coronation Street characters Don Brennan, Ernie Bishop, Derek Wilton and Vera Duckworth's mum.

At the funeral of Corrie character, Derek Wilton (Peter Baldwin), Scott explained: “This was our third one, and this time, I and four other members of staff spent two days filming scenes on the set at Granada Studios, and at a Manchester church with actress Thelma Riley, who played Mavis Wilton, and Barbara Knox, who played Rita, together with all the other regular cast members.”

Tom Owen and Son appeared on Coronation Street
Funeral Director in Llandudno appeared on Coronation Street

Don Brennan’s on-screen obituary claimed he was the crazy taxi driver who was killed in a car crash as he attempted to mow down factory owner Mike Baldwin. And the other actor, Brendan Scott, was said to have briefly owned the famous corner shop!

Why was a firm of funeral directors in Llandudno asked to film Coronation Street funerals?

Why was a firm of funeral directors in Llandudno asked to do a Coronation Street funeral? Scott explains: “It’s all because a few years ago, we did the funeral of the mother of the production designer Christopher Walker, who lived in Llandudno. He obviously remembered us when they were looking for a Funeral Director to provide cars and a hearse. We were happy to help, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.”

What is it like behind the scenes on the set of a Coronation Street funeral?

At the time of filming the Derek Wilton episode, Scott confirmed how Tom Owen and Son played a unique role in these TV soap funerals and confirmed: “They wanted an authentic touch to these sombre occasions. It was fun filming the burial of some top soap stars, and I was asked to provide a hearse and some cars, but it was strange being on the set.”

The dramatic scenes though had to remain a secret until broadcast and Scott added: “Even though it was a funeral they were filming it was brilliant fun. They were a great crowd, very chatty and friendly. Nevertheless, Thelma Riley was obviously sad to see Derek – her on-screen husband for many years – laid to rest.”

Tom Owen and Son's Scott Owen appears on Coronation Street
Scott Owen alongside Coronation Street stars as funeral director from Conwy

In the scene in which Scott appeared on screen as himself, it showed a Funeral director being greeted at the Wilton home by Rita. Scott said: “I had to be made up and I even had my hair gelled to stop it blowing about. Then they asked me to say a few words to Rita (Barbara Knox), when she opened the door. It wasn’t scripted. They just asked me to behave as I normally would when I went to the home of the deceased. I just said the first thing that came into my head, so I hope it turned out, OK?”