What clothes should the deceased be dressed in?

In the delicate process of arranging a funeral, every detail is carefully considered, including what the person that has died might wear. If this is the first time you’ve had to organise a funeral, you may be unsure as to what is appropriate clothing for the deceased person to be dressed in and have a few questions.

Should I include underwear for the deceased to wear?

While not necessary or visible, we recommend that you provide underwear for the person that has died, for their dignity and modesty. If you don’t have access to any underwear we can provide something appropriate (this can be common if the person died within a care setting).

What clothes should i dress the deceased in?
What clothes should i dress the deceased in?

Do I need to provide shoes?

If your relative is being cremated, then shoes are not appropriate as they are not permitted to be cremated for environmental reasons; that isn’t the case with burials, where you can choose shoes that suit the person. For all funerals, we recommend you provide socks, pop socks, tights or slippers.

Is it better to dress the deceased in a formal outfit or something more casual?

This is a personal choice. We would always encourage you to provide clothes that suit the person and to choose something you are used to seeing them in. You may choose something comfortable for the person to be laid to rest in, or something formal to celebrate a life well lived. However, if Dad was most comfortable in his jeans, shirt and a jumper or Mum loved her blouse and trouser combo, then we’d suggest choosing that over something less familiar and formal. Each person is unique and what they wear can and should reflect that.

What about hair and makeup?

Knowing that the person looking after your mum, sister or Nan has seen a photo of them and knows how they liked their hair to be styled, that they preferred their makeup to be natural and maybe have a splash of nail varnish on occasion, will provide you with a lot of comfort. We wash and dress everyone in house, using a personalised blend of essential oils to nourish their skin. We don’t use any hygienic treatments or embalming except in rare cases. Finally, a splash of perfume or aftershave and your relative is ready for you to visit them in our family visiting room.

Should we provide glasses, jewellery or other belongings?

We would always encourage you to send the glasses for the person that has died, along with their false teeth if appropriate and any jewellery they liked to wear. All belongings can be returned to you before the funeral if you wish.