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In conversation with Conwy Mind

January, often perceived as a fresh start, is paradoxically shadowed by what has come to be known as Blue Monday—the third Monday of the month, considered the most depressing day of the year. Blue Monday, serves as a symbolic reminder of the struggles many face in maintaining mental well-being. The weight of grief can be amplified during this time, urging us to reflect not only on the losses we've experienced but also on the importance of mental health support for ourselves and our loved ones.

We were delighted to be able to speak with Nikki Jones, Fundraising & Community Engagement Officer, at Conwy Mind recently on how they can support you, if you are struggling with your own mental health.

What specific mental health programs or initiatives do you offer in our local community?

Here at Conwy Mind, we offer a range of free services to those struggling with their mental health in our local community. We offer 1-1 support including calls, counselling and our six-week supported self-help programme. We also enjoy getting out in the community and hosting peer support groups and events such as coffee mornings, Mums Matter, LGBTQIA+ support, Wellness walks and lots more!

How does Conwy Mind collaborate with local organisations and community groups to promote mental health awareness and support?

We work closely with local organisations and community groups to make sure we further understand the needs of our local community and ensure people are aware of our services and how we can support them. We collaborate with the job centre, Conwy Council, Cartrefi Conwy and local schools to name a few! We offer mental health training courses to individuals and organisations.

Can you share any testimonials from those in our community who have benefited from your services?

We gather feedback from everyone who uses our services and some of the comments are truly wonderful, to see the difference our team is making is something that makes us so proud. Here are a few:

  • “It has completely changed my life for the better and I can't thank you enough. Every aspect of my life has improved because of the knock-on effects of this program.”
  • “Conwy Mind has exceeded my needs and I feel so much better. I did not think I would come out the other end of anxiety so quickly, but I feel as though my mentor has really driven my road to recovery a lot quicker. I felt heard and understood.”
  • “Best decision I made was to get help and learn to talk about my feelings rather than lock them away.”

How does Conwy Mind address the unique mental health needs of diverse populations in our local area, including considerations for cultural competence and inclusivity?

At Conwy Mind we pride ourselves on working with our community. We are committed to delivering services that meet the ever-changing needs of that community and involve service users with the design, development, delivery, and review of our services. We ensure we gather feedback from a wide range of people to see how we can help further.

What upcoming events or campaigns is Conwy Mind planning in our local area to further promote mental health awareness?

Over the year we host a number of fundraising events to help us continue to the work we do. Our next fundraising event is the Conwy Mind Seal Splash, a cold-water dip on Colwyn Bay Beach that will take place on Sunday 4th February. It’s £5 to take part, every penny raised goes to helping those struggling in your local community. Cold water swimming has proven health benefits so you will not only be helping improve the lives of others by raising vital funds, but also improving your own wellbeing! To sign up head to our website