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Can my dog be involved in my funeral?

We've been asked by a few people recently if dogs can be involved in funerals, so we thought we'd explore the idea and discuss how their presence can bring comfort, love and solace during a time of grief. For many of us, we share a deep bond with our canine companions, so it feels right to include them in some way.

Dog friendly funerals in Colwyn Bay
Dog friendly funerals in Colwyn Bay (photo by Love Adventure Photography)

Unconditional Love and Support

Dogs are renowned for their unwavering loyalty and love. They can also offer solace and companionship during a difficult time, and due to their extraordinary ability to sense emotions provide a paw-fect presence to friends and family members. By including your dog in a funeral service, you allow others to be comforted by their presence. Colwyn Bay Crematorium are dog friendly and so why not ask your local funeral director to walk in front of the hearse with them, leading their owner on their final journey. The dog can then take their rightful place next to the family during the service.

Celebrating the bond with your dog

Dogs are often considered to be a part of our families. They will probably have been on daily walks with their owner, sat by their side in the lounge while they spent time reading the newspaper or watching tv and will have, undoubtedly, brought immense joy and happiness to the lives of many. Funerals should celebrate the life of the person who has died, and by acknowledging their connection with their dog is a great way to do this.

Emotional support for those who have been bereaved

Funerals are a time when people come together to support each other and share memories of the person that has died. The presence of a dog can provide a soothing and calm environment to help ease the grief and emotions experienced. Dogs are natural comforters, so their attendance can help to create a warm, nurturing environment. Our funeral home is dog friendly for this very reason.

Dog friendly funerals in Conwy
Dog friendly funerals in Conwy (Photo by Love Adventure Photography)

Things to consider

In some cases it would be entirely impractical to include a dog within your funeral service, particularly if the dog cannot follow commands or would be too boisterous. Also, if the dog is of a nervous nature and being involved would cause them distress, we wouldn’t recommend it. Consider other guests who may have animal allergies.

In summary, incorporating dogs into funeral services is a beautiful way to honour the bond between humans and their canine companions. Their presence brings comfort, symbolises the love shared, and offers support during a time of grief. Including dogs in funerals allows us to celebrate the joy they brought to our lives and leaves a lasting impression on those who attend. As we embrace the idea of personalised, bespoke funerals, that are as unique as the person that has died, let us not forget the impact that our furry friends have had on our journeys, by including them in our final farewell.